Puppy Care

Bigelow Poodle Puppy in Snow | Apricot Dog

On picking-up your pup, you will receive a "Puppy Pick-up Package" including the following:

1) A collar and leash


2) The American Kennel Club registration form

3) The American Kennel Club Litter Certificate and Pedigree

4) The Veterinarian record for your pup

5) A ziploc bag of puppy food - this will help your pup transition onto the food you choose for them 

6) A ziploc bag of biodegradable wood pellets - this will help your pup transition to their new potty area 

7) A ziploc bag with a scent towel from your pup's sleeping area  - this will help your pup transition into their new sleeping area because it will smell familiar 


Puppy Pick-Up Package

1) How much do your dogs weigh when they are full grown?

The full grown weight of our pups is generally predictable based on the weight range of the sire and dam for that litter. For our females, Rachael is 45 pounds, Bubbles is 40 pounds, and Poppy is 65 pounds. Our sire Moe is 48 pounds. 


2) What do you feed your dogs?

We feed our dogs Science Diet because it is what our veterinarian recommends. When you bring your pup home, you can decide what food is best for your pup. Many new owners like to make this a point of discussion with their family veterinarian. 


3) How soon after bringing my puppy  home should I take him/her to the vet? 

You'll want to schedule an exam with your family veterinarian during the first month of having your pup. Your pup will typically come home to you at age eight weeks, so they should have their exam with your vet by the time they are twelve weeks. 


4) Will my pup be wormed and vaccinated?

Your pup will be current with their eight-week worming and vaccinations. These will be noted on a record sheet from our vet. You can pass this record on to your vet so they are up to date on what your pup has received while he/she was in our care. 


5) Do you spay or neuter the dogs before sending them to their new homes?

Since our puppies typically go to their new homes at eight weeks of age, we do not spay or neuter them. That procedure can be done by your veterinarian when your puppy is four months of age or older.  

Bigelow Poodles Puppy | Apricot Dog
Bigelow Poodles Puppies | Black and Apricot Dogs
Bigelow Poodles Puppy | Chocolate Dog

Frequently Asked Questions

Bigelow Poodles Puppy | Cream Dog

6) Do your puppies have their tails docked?


We prefer to not dock the tails of our puppies. We think that natural tails are the best and most humane decision for our pups. Additionally, since we are raising family dogs and not show dogs, tail docking is not necessary. We would encourage you to read these Questions and Answers from the American Veterinary Medical Association as you consider this controversial topic. 


Having said this, we do recognize that some owners are in favor of having their pup's tail docked. Since this procedure is best done at three days old, this is a decision that should be made by the new owner as soon as the puppy is born so that the procedure can be scheduled. We are happy to work with you as you consider this decision for your pup, and we will respectfully accommodate whatever you choose. (Owners who opt for the tail docking will have a $100 procedure fee added to the purchase price of their pup.)


7) Do your puppies have their  Dew Claws removed?

This is a less controversial topic than tail docking, but is still worth considering. This is a helpful article to consider: 


We are happy, as with the tail docking, to accommodate the preference of our owners. This procedure, like the tail docking, is best scheduled for the pups when they are three days old, so should be decided as soon as the pup is born. (Owners who opt for the dew claw removal will have a $25 procedure fee added to the purchase price of their pup.)


8) Are your puppies good with children?

Our puppies are raised in our home with our children, so they learn from day one that children are wonderful! 


9) Are your puppies housebroken? 

Our puppy containment area is divided into sections. One of the sections is a "potty area" and is filled with biodegradable wood pellets. When your pup comes home to you, he or she will have had about four weeks of practice at doing their business in the potty area. We will send home a bag of the potty area wood pellets for you to spread in your yard as a prompter for your pup to identify their new potty area. This will help them transition to pottying in the appropriate area in their new surroundings. 


10) What colors are your puppies? Do they stay that color? 

Litters from Moe & Rae or Moe & Bubbles typically have pups that are solid black, chocolate, apricot, or cream. Most of these pups have some cream or apricot markings as well. While most pups stay fairly true to their puppy colors, it is not uncommon for a pup to darken or lighten a bit as they grow to maturity. 

For pups from Moe & Poppy, they will be Parti (multi-colored) pups. The great reveal will come in 2022 when they have their premier litter! Stay tuned for the results! 

Bigelow Poodles Puppy in Snow | Cream Dog for Sale
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