Rachael is our elegant, 45-pound black-and-silver female. She enjoys playing soccer with our children in the backyard, taking naps on the couch, and barking at the squirrels on our front porch.

Rachael is our most experienced mama. She loves her puppies and is very protective of them. Although Rachael is smaller than most of our poodles, she rules the house and can often be found keeping the other dogs in line! 



Bubbles is our lovely black-and-silver female.  She is a little smaller (at 40 pounds) than Rachael, but loves to play anyway! She enjoys watching the chickens in her large country yard, playing with the children, and getting pampered by her family.

Bubbles is our newest mama with a premier litter of eight gorgeous pups! Even as a new mama, she was attentive and nurturing to her pups. She loves to please her family and the other dogs, so she is very easy to get along with and never makes a fuss. 



Poppy is our stunning black-and-cream Parti female. She is the newest addition to our line.  Weighing in at sixty-five pounds, Poppy is a gentle giant who thinks she is a lap dog!


Poppy's favorite thing to do is run in the yard with the children. When she can't do that, she settles for a nap on the rug in our family room. She is calm, personable, and very easy going.  Poppy is scheduled to have the first litter in our Parti line in the summer of 2022.